Car Repossession Service for Banks Louisville

Car Repossession Service for Banks Louisville

Imperial Recovery Agency opened its doors in Lexington, Kentucky in 1958. Through the years our business has grown and expanded throughout the state of Kentucky, Northern Tennessee, Southern West Virginia, Southern Ohio and all of Indiana . With offices located in Lexington, Louisville, London, Bowling Green, Elizabethtown and Pikeville, we are now the oldest and largest company in repossession services in Kentucky. With the premise of taking the business of repossession seriously and doing it with efficiency and integrity, we are a company that offers excellent car repossession services for Louisville banks.

While providing car repossession services for banks in Louisville, lenders can rely upon Imperial Recovery Agency to deliver services professionally. With the many decades of experience at Imperial Recovery Agency and our ongoing reinvestment in our business to provide our customers with the best car repossession services for banks in Louisville, you can trust that our work will be performed to your satisfaction. As a company that is bonded for $10 million, you can rely upon Imperial Recovery Agency to protect your interests in the repossession work we conduct on your behalf. We have a Client Recovery Bond from the American Recovery Association Inc. to indemnify our customers who assign a delinquent account for car repossession to Imperial Recovery Agency. We also have a bond with Time Finance Adjusters and corporate liability insurance. Imperial Recovery Agency will provide all of the federal mandatory compliance documents that are required for lenders.

We have earned our reputation in the business of car repossession services for banks in Louisville one customer at a time. We employ a great team of drivers and office personnel with a depth of experience, thorough understanding of the repossession process and commitment to safe, prompt, efficient repossession. Your questions about the car repossession services at Imperial Recover Agency are welcome and we will provide bid services upon request.

We have the right equipment to perform car repossession service for Louisville banks. Our towing vehicles and flatbed trucks are able to transport your collateral and retain its value with safe transport. If your towing service requires a flatbed truck, our flatbeds are fitted with a hydraulically controlled bed at the back, allowing us to move the vehicle onto the truck with its own power or under certain circumstances pull it on with a winch. Placing a vehicle on an Imperial Recovery flatbed towing truck will safely immobilize the vehicle for transport and eliminate the risk of further damage.

One of the most important elements in car repossession is timing. Once our customer has made the decision to repossess contacts Imperial Recovery Agency, we go right to work on returning your collateral to you, its rightful owner, promptly. If location is not clear, we have excellent skip trace resources that will help us to investigate and identify with certainty the location of your property. Our staff is dedicated to safe and speedy location and repossession and have the resources to make this happen.

As a lender, repossession of an asset is an element of your business that is best done through outsourcing to professionals. If car repossession services for your bank in Louisville are needed, contact Imperial Recovery and we can talk about partnering with you so that you can get back to banking and we can return your assets to you, the rightful owner. Call Imperial Recovery Agency today at (800)365-7376 and you will quickly recognize why bankers all over Kentucky look to Imperial Recovery Agency to get this important car repossession work done professionally by the experts.