Involuntary Repossession

Involuntary Repossession

Imperial Recovery Agency, having opened our doors in Lexington, Kentucky in 1958, has grown to be both the oldest and the largest repossession service company in Kentucky. With offices in Lexington, Louisville, Bowling Green, Elizabethtown, London and Pikeville, Imperial Recovery Agency serves the entire state of Kentucky, all of Indiana, Northern Tennessee, Southern West Virginia and Southern Ohio. We have built our reputation on integrity and reliability, resulting in satisfied customers and growth in our company.

The majority of repossessions we service at Imperial Recovery Agency are involuntary. Involuntary repossession occurs when the buyer fails to pay one or more payments. Lenders, the real owners of this property, look to Imperial Recovery to perform the services needed for involuntary repossession. Imperial Recovery specializes in repossession of cars, tractor trailers, water crafts, heavy equipment, farm equipment, and mobile homes. Repossession, particularly involuntary repossession, is serious business and requires professional providers who can accomplish this work promptly, professionally and safely.

Imperial Recovery Agency is prepared to investigate and perform skip tracing, if needed, to locate your asset. Even if you have failed in your effort to locate your collateral, we have a great success rate in skip tracing.

As the lender, you can rest assured that your collateral will be recovered safely, promptly and without damage from transport. Imperial Recovery Agency has invested heavily in equipment, assuring involuntary repossession will be done with the right equipment specific to your vehicle. Whether or not a winch is needed, whether or not towing or flatbed service is required, Imperial Recovery is equipped to do this work in such a way that your asset is transported safely, quickly and without damage. Your merchandise can be stored on our secure fenced-in lots that are equipped with lighting and security cameras.

Imperial Recovery Agency also offers a complete liquidation service. We will bring you maximum dollar value for your asset. Over the years we have built strong relationships with numerous businesses that will bid on repossessed items. We can also make public bidding available.

With the many decades of experience at Imperial Recovery Agency and our ongoing reinvestment in our business to provide our customers with the best resources available, you can trust that our work will be performed to your satisfaction. As a company that is bonded for $10 million, lenders can rely upon Imperial Recovery Agency to protect your interests in our involuntary repossession work for you. We have a Client Recovery Bond from the American Recovery Association Inc. to indemnify our customers who assign a delinquent account for car repossession to Imperial Recovery Agency. We also have a bond with Time Finance Adjusters and corporate liability insurance. Our company provides all of the federal mandatory compliance documents that are required for lenders. Our long-standing membership in the Better Business Bureau is a testament to our commitment to professionalism, quality and customer service.

Whether you are in need of involuntary repossession services immediately or are interested in developing a repossession resource for your future needs, contact us at Imperial Recovery Agency where we can partner together for safe, reliable services that will quickly return your collateral to you. Call us today at (859)254-3396 or toll free at (800)365-7376.