Imperial Recovery Agency has been in the business of repossession since its founding in 1958. With headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky, we are the oldest and largest repossession service in the state of Kentucky. With locations throughout Kentucky including Lexington, Louisville, London, Bowling Green, Elizabethtown and Pikeville, we are a company that lenders can rely upon to process their repossessions. Our service territory includes all of Kentucky, northern Tennessee, southern West Virginia, southern Ohio and Indiana. Repossession is serious business and requires professional providers who can accomplish this work promptly, professionally and safely.

As a company that is bonded for $10 million, you can trust Imperial Recovery Agency to protect your interests in our repossession work for you. We have a Client Recovery Bond from the American Recovery Association Inc. to indemnify our customers who assign a delinquent account for repossession of property to Imperial Recovery Agency. We also have a bond with Time Finance Adjusters and liability insurance. Our company provides all of the federal mandatory compliance documents that are required for banks. We will provide bid services upon request.

Demonstrating our commitment to professionalism, we are members of the American Recovery Association, Time Finance Adjusters, Florida Association of Licensed Recovery Agents and California Association of Licensed Repossessors. We are long-term members of the Better Business Bureau.

Your collateral will be handled carefully and transported quickly and safely through our company's transport services. It is always our goal to minimize the time span between receiving your order and the placement of your collateral on our repossession truck. Even if you have struggled to relocate a particular item to be repossessed, you can turn to Imperial Recovery Agency to turn your struggle into your success. At Imperial Recovery Agency we have a great success rate at tracking down your collateral and processing its repossession. We perform full service skip tracing and employ experienced repossession professionals.

There are many types of items for which we provide repossession services at Imperial Recovery Agency including automobiles, tractor trailers, water crafts, heavy construction equipment, farm equipment, mobile homes and more. Imperial Recovery Agency has repossessors with the right training and the right equipment for the many types of objects we repossess. There is an incredible variety of vehicles today and you can rely upon IRA to promptly handle these repossessions safely and without damage. Your merchandise can be stored on our secure fenced-in lots that are equipped with lighting and security cameras.

It is our goal to offer the best repossession services available. Our offices at Imperial Recovery Agency are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and our drivers work around the clock, 24 hours a day. We know the value of time, the importance of moving quickly to locate an item and the need to secure your collateral as soon as possible. Because of this commitment to professionalism and meeting your needs, we have maintained Imperial Recovery Agency for nearly 60 years. Contact Imperial Recovery Agency to collaborate with you on all of your repossessions.