Towing Service

Towing Service

Imperial Recovery Agency in Lexington has been in business since 1958. We are the oldest and largest company in the towing service in our region and it is no surprise that we have such staying power. We have built an excellent reputation on our integrity and reliability. While we provide a full range of repossession and recovery services statewide and beyond, we also are well equipped to provide towing service in Lexington and the surrounding area. Not only do we tow within this area, we will tow your vehicle to locations outside of Lexington when you need this done.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the work we deliver to our customers. We commit to prompt, professional towing service and our work is delivered by employees who are well-trained and experienced in providing towing service in the Lexington area. Our growth as a company has been a result of delivering quality service, one customer at a time. Reflecting our commitment to quality towing service in Lexington, we have been members of the Better Business Bureau for many years.

Your towing service will be done with quality equipment and our professional understanding of how to tow your particular vehicle with the right equipment. Depending upon the specific details of why a customer needs a towing service, Kentucky's Lexington-based Imperial Recovery Agency will provide flatbed towing, wheel lift towing, winch out and recovery services, basically whatever it takes to transport your vehicle, simply and professionally. Our vehicles are in great condition and equipped to complete the towing service to your full satisfaction.

If your towing service requires a flatbed truck, our flatbeds are fitted with a hydraulically controlled bed at the back, allowing us to move the vehicle onto the truck with its own power or under certain circumstances pull it on with a winch. A winch is typically used when your vehicle needs to get back to a paved or reasonable surface. Placing a vehicle on an Imperial Recovery flatbed towing truck will safely immobilize the vehicle for transport and eliminate the risk of further damage. Our flatbed services include wheel-lift tow when this is the option needed. With a large metal yoke placed under the drive wheels of the vehicle, we draw the front or rear end of the vehicle clear of the ground to provide a safe tow. The front or rear wheels are used based upon the drive wheels of the vehicle: if the vehicle is front wheel drive, the yoke is placed under the front wheels; if the vehicle is rear wheel drive, the yoke is placed under the rear wheels.

With the many decades of experience at Imperial Recovery Agency and our ongoing reinvestment in our business to provide our customers with the best resources available, you can trust that our work will be performed to your satisfaction. If you are in the Lexington area and need towing service, we are the company you can rely upon to treat both you and your vehicle with respect. When needing towing services in Lexington, contact Imperial Recovery Agency at (859)254-3396 or (800)365-7376.