Voluntary Surrender

Voluntary Surrender

Imperial Recovery Agency, founded in Lexington, Kentucky in 1958, is now the oldest and largest repossession and recovery service company in Kentucky. With offices in Lexington, Louisville, Bowling Green, Elizabethtown, London and Pikeville, Imperial Recovery Agency is able to provide voluntary surrender services statewide in Kentucky and Indiana, Northern Tennessee, Southern Ohio and Southern West Virginia. Having experienced tremendous growth through the years, Imperial Recovery Agency attributes our success to our corporate commitment to integrity and reliability.

Recognizing that a voluntary surrender of your property, whatever that might be, is a difficult decision to make, at Imperial Recovery Agency we are committed to working with you to retrieve your vehicle and deliver it to the lender with simple,reliable, prompt, and careful service. Voluntary surrender is serious business and your questions about surrender services at Imperial Recovery Agency are welcome. We will provide bid services upon request. You can rely upon Imperial Recovery Agency to provide your voluntary surrender service with professionalism. We pride ourselves on great employees in our offices and great drivers on the road. Our offices are open 8:00 a.m. To 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday and our drivers are available 24/7. As a long-term member of the Better Business Bureau, doing a great job providing safe, timely efficient surrender service is at the core of what we do.

Imperial Recovery Agency has earned its success and strong reputation through several corporate policies. We hire the best people and we continually invest in the best equipment to do the job well. Whether or not towing or flatbed service is required, Imperial Recovery is equipped to do this work in such a way that your asset is transported safely, quickly and without damage.

When facing potential repossession, it is your decision whether or not to surrender voluntarily. Many people chose to surrender voluntarily because they feel more in control of when and how this will occur. With voluntary surrender you are able to exercise more control over the process and you may feel more comfortable with this. By surrendering voluntarily you can control the site where the vehicle is picked up and the time of day or night that best suits. When you decide to voluntarily surrender a vehicle, you are doing this on more positive terms than involuntary repossession. When your credit report is reviewed in the future, your voluntary surrender could be perceived as more responsible behavior on your part rather than waiting for involuntary repossession.

When deciding to voluntarily surrender a vehicle, you need to contact your lender for details on when, where and how this should happen. Imperial Recovery Agency will work with you on all of the details. You will quickly experience that Imperial Recovery Agency is so much more than your typical towing service. Many of our voluntary surrender customers have told us that voluntary surrender was the right decision, helping to preserve their peace of mind and avoiding the embarrassment and trauma of repossession. If you are giving consideration to voluntary surrender of your vehicle, contact Imperial Recovery Agency today at (859)254-3396 or toll free at (800)365-7376 and we will work to simplify a difficult situation.